download (2)There are many different types of guitar fingerstyles for rock and different for blues and this technique can be best learnt on an acoustic guitar. Mastering diverse fingerstyles will assist you to effectively render blues music and backing tracks.

When you are playing your guitar, the technique by which you strum the strings or pick your guitar strings without using a pick is called a fingerstyle. Blues Fingerstyle has been in use for quite a long time in jazz, blues, rock and is even used for improvisation over blues backing tracks. There are some greats of the world of blues music like Mark Knoprfler, Jeff Beck and Chat Atkins who do it very well. Some of the blues guitar players who do the fingerstyle better than anyone else include John Lee Hooker, Albert Collins, Otis Rush and Albert King among others

Teachers are finding it more of a challenge than ever to keep their classrooms healthy and clean for students, according to a recent study of teachers.

The study found that 90 percent of teachers believe it is “common for students to come to school sick.” Only about 30 percent said their schools’ custodial staff disinfects the classrooms regularly.

More than 70 percent of educators said they have missed school because of an illness they believe they caught from one of their students. The survey was conducted by the children’s publisher Scholastic and released during an American Medical Association and National PTA media briefing on children’s health. For more on this please visit

Encouraging children to live a healthy lifestyle outside the classroom is important in illness prevention, said Janis Hootman, a registered nurse and immediate past president of the National Association of School Nurses. ”Children’s health habits away from school have a direct impact on what happens to them and their classmates during school,” Hootman said. 

Doctors offer the following tips for parents:

* Make sure that your children wash their hands. This is the single most effective method for disease prevention. Hands should be washed for 10 to 15 seconds.

* Don’t allow your children to share utensils. Although learning to share is important, this shouldn’t apply to cups, glasses or eating utensils.

* Make sure your children get enough sleep. Sleep deprivation effects the immune system. Most children need at least 8 hours of sleep per night.

* Allow for a full recovery. Don’t send your kids to school when they don’t feel well.

* Keep your children up-to-date on vaccines. New vaccines guard against a multitude of dangerous illnesses, including meningitis.

“We’ve come so far in protecting public health as a result of widespread immunizations,” said Dr. Walter A. Orenstein, associate director of the Emory Vaccine Center in Atlanta, Ga. “We protect each other by vaccinating our children.”

Pacific Surfing Adventure

It’s the most awaited time of the year for my husband and his friends. It is when they would never, ever feel guilty leaving their work, their businesses and even their families for this one big event. It’s the time of the year when they would feel like they are uncommitted to anything. This is the time when all the surfboards, board shorts, booties, wax and all other surf stuffs including olive oil to protect their skin from the sun are brought out of the storage room. This is their time to relax, unwind, ride the waves, party and enjoy some reggae music. Basically, it’s their time to bond together day and night for one whole week and strengthen the friendship they have developed since they were in grade schools.

I am talking about the National Surfing Competition held every year in Calicoan Island. I had the chance to go to it a couple of years back and seeing the beauty of the entire island made me fully grasp the glow i saw on my husband’s and his friends’ faces. It’s a rather small island facing the Pacific and because of that, it has good waves all year through but the best ones come during the last quarter. Thus, the competition is held every October. Aside from the good waves, the island offers clear waters, white fine sands, fresh sea foods cooked in organic olive oil, some historical sites and the oh so pleasant townsfolk. Taking these into consideration, a lot of tourists, both local and foreign, visit the island during this time of the year to surf and relax. Although I was unable to go with my husband last year (because I was pregnant and the doctor said I need to go on bed rest, poor me!), he brought me a lot of pictures of my best spots and of our friends. So come October, I’d absolutely go there. I’m not gonna miss it for the world!

Gold keys are synonymous with the Cadillac brand, America&rsquos oldest and most well-known luxury brands. The very first Cadillac was completed on Oct. 17th, 1902. In the a considerably long time, the emblem would achieve tremendous success and notoriety.

Cadillac introduced the Gold Key Delivery System in 1926. In the 1980′s Cadillac refreshed this program, which offered two sets of gold-plated keys, a customized Gold Key identification card, nationwide automotive service, a sound cassette of info concerning the specific Cadillac model purchased, an entire tank of fuel, as well as a no-cost vehicle inspection with the owner&rsquos convenience.

When you have recently acquired or refurbished a vintage Cadillac, there could be some desire for also acquiring some new Gold Keys. But where do put forth make them?

You might start which has a Google search, using the term, “Cadillac Gold Key”. The search results provide a variety of websites, including , ebay motors, yet others.

There are several items to consider while shopping.  Would be the Gold Key Blanks real OEM (original equipment)? What&rsquos the purpose of buying Gold Keys which can be cheap fakes? Next, exist keys intended for your Cadillac model? There are letters stamped to the key stalk. These letters designate a particular lock cylinder for that ignition, door, trunk, or glove box. If you don&rsquot know the key letter, use a handy Gold Key Guide on one of many Gold Key websites.

If however, you own a Cadillac which uses the VATS system (Vehicle Anti-theft System), you&rsquoll require one additional step. The VATS keys are often identifiable because they have a black pellet from the key stalk. GM created 15 different pellets confident who’s might thwart car thieves. Each pellet includes a different resistance value, so set up correct key is used, the automobile won&rsquot start devoid of the correct pellet. You typically need to know which VATS key your car uses if you order a new Gold Key. When you can measure the pellet yourself, you are able to ask your local Radio Shack to offer you a hand.

When you&rsquore ready to order a Gold Key, you need to typically receive your key or keys in a matter of days when the delivery address is in the U.S. or Canada. Many organizations will ship world-wide upon request.

Cadillacs are and will be classics. Gold Keys could possibly be the final touch that your classic Cadillac needs.